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Genres: Romance , Comedy , Drama
Actors: Larenz Tate , Joe Morton , Suzzanne Douglas , Glynn Turman , Vanessa Bell Calloway , A.J. Johnson , Morris Chestnut , Jada Pinkett Smith , Duane Martin , Mary Alice , Phyllis Yvonne Stickney , Markus Redmond , Perry Moore , Akia Victor , Aaron Griffin
Director: Matty Rich
Country: United States
Year: 1994
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (588 votes)

In 1976, Drew Tate is a young teenager who has trouble dealing with life after he accidentally sets his house on fire. His parents Kenny and Brenda decide to go to Martha’s Vineyard to spend Fourth of July weekend with Brenda’s sister Francis, Francis’ black Republican husband Spencer and their son Junior. While there Drew falls for a self centered girl named Lauren and befriends a married lady named Heather. While on their vacation, Drew deals with his parents attempts to save their marriage as well as with his own troubles. Eventually all of this leads to a life changing event for Drew as well as his parents.

Film Review

Often we see so many stereotypical movies about minorities in film. This time a black child, that could just as easily have been a white kid with a script rewrite, begins to experience adolescence as a young man. He has some issues he is dealing with and is counseled by several adults throughout the movie. What I liked most about this movie was the beautiful portrayal of blacks in love. The kids, and the parents. It was like watching an old home movie of my own family.Too bad Matty Rich disappeared after this film. I was kinda hoping it would turn into a trend. Blacks in positive roles in films.

This is 90’s blaxploitation. Same scenario as hundreds of movies but with black actors. What makes this movie special (negatively of course) is the lack of coherency. The director just thought of some obligatory scenes and decided to present them without even remotely placing hints helping the audience understand how the protagonists arrived there. Especially the mother-daughter reconciliation was for great laughs! Or the couple. Before their talk of figuring out a solution to their problems, nobody could imagine they had problems! And what to say about the oh-so-predictable ending. The list goes on and on. I think the actors themselves understood the idiocy of the script and tried to put a comic air in otherwise serious incidents. Is there something worth mentioning in this movie, except its silly script and the failed imitation of classic themes? Just two words: Jada Pinkett. Wow.

I enjoy watching movies that reflect back to the 70s,but as for Larenz Tate character in the movie to me seems kinda wierd. In comparison to the year before with "Menace to Society" were he play a ruthless gangster. In this movie he portrays a shy young man who travels to Martha’s Vineyard with his parents in the summer of 1976. He carries a doll with him through have of the movie,get shoved to the floor by a guy who’s dancing with a girl he’s interested in,and gets stood up by Jada Pinkett who went back to her ex-boyfriend. Talk about a 360 in character. Still a good movie but I think it’s more of a home situated movie then going to the theaters. As for Larenz Tate the best part of the movie for him is he learn how a man feels when making love to a woman.


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