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Genres: Romance , Drama , Action
Actors: Lee Aaker , Tom Irish , Leo Gordon , Rodolfo Acosta , James Arness , Michael Pate , Ward Bond , Geraldine Page , John Wayne , Paul Fix , Rayford Barnes
Director: John Farrow
Country: United States
Year: 1953
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (4268 votes)

Hondo Lane, a despatch rider for the cavalry, encounters Angie Lowe, a woman living alone with her young son in the midst of hostile Apache territory. She presumes she is safe because the Apaches, under their chief Vittorio, have always left them alone. Later Lane has a run-in with Angie’s reprobate husband and is forced to kill him, not knowing who he is. Vittorio captures Lane and to save his life, Angie tells the Apache chief that Lane is her husband, unaware that Lane has killed her real husband. In order to protect her from a forced marriage with one of the Apache, Lane reluctantly goes along with the lie, though he knows the truth must eventually come out, to Vittorio and to Angie, both.

Film Review

Sometimes it's just nice to sit and enjoy an old fashioned western on a late Saturday night. I caught HONDO on AMC during one of those "John Wayne Saturdays" and had a grand ole time revisiting a favorite of mine. I think it's a fascinating film which doesn't paint the Injuns as mere bloodthirsty savages but points a critical finger towards the white man for disrupting a treaty between us and the Apache, leader Vittorio(Michael Pate), expressing this to frontier wife, Angie(Geraldine Page)whose no-good husband ran out on her and their son. Vittorio and his people are presented as proud and brave, though still a menace that must be stopped due to their attacks on the calvary and white families traveling stagecoach across the desert frontier. John Wayne is Hondo Lane, a scout who has Apache blood and is a godsend to Angie and her boy, knowledgeable in breaking horses and other menial chores. I just thought it was neat watching Wayne preparing horse shoes bringin…

This is Wayne at his best…short of Ethan Edwards, that is.Here's what I liked:- Duke at the top of his game. His cowboy outfits are really cool and he looks great against the desert landscape. Of course, he's playing the ultra-cool stereotype Western role of "super scout raised by the Indians". Nobody did it better.- Historically accurate Victorio character is excellent. Nice reference to the very real General Crook.- Little boy character works well. If this kid had got the part, "Shane" might even be watchable (just teasing).- Solid supporting cast. Geraldine Page and Ward Bond turn in good performances.- No real plot holes, nice themes surrounding honor and the trade off between personal independence and family.Here's what kept it from being better:- Wayne's 45 years old here and looks older. He was already too old to be playing romantic leads. Too bad he didn't get these kinds of quality roles when he was younger. John Ford's faul…

In the 5/1/88 episode of "Married With Children," the one entitled "All in the Family," paterfamilias schlemiel Al Bundy tries–unsuccessfully, of course–to catch his favorite movie, the 1953 John Wayne vehicle "Hondo," during an ill-timed invasion of his wife's relations. Undeterred, six years later, Bundy, in the 5/8/94 episode "Assault and Batteries," again tries to catch his favorite flick, and with just as little luck. And back when, any Wayne fan could easily sympathize with the hapless sadsack. "Hondo," along with such Wayne films as "Island in the Sky" and "The High and the Mighty," was extremely difficult to see for many years: never shown on television, rarely screened in revival theatres and largely unavailable for home viewing. What Al wouldn't have given for today's current DVD from Paramount, featuring a stunning print and over an hour's worth of fascinating extras! Today, it is a …


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