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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Raoul Bova , Michela Quattrociocche , Francesco Apolloni , Luca Angeletti , Cecilia Dazzi , Ignazio Oliva , Francesca Ferrazzo , Francesca Antonelli , Michela Carpente , Beatrice Valente , Rossella Infanti , Pino Quartullo , Andrea Montovoli , Chiara Tomaselli , Lara Basso
Director: Federico Moccia
Country: Italy
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 (365 votes)

Film Review

I am very lucky to have watched both "Scusa ma ti chiamo amore" and "Scusa ma ti voglio sposare" yesterday after they were released in 2008 and 2010 respectively. It is such a shame that I hadn't watched them earlier, especially the first one. I am trying to give a review for both, I watched the first yesterday, and was very glad Italy has very good quality in film making, such as this chick flick, and I couldn't wait to see this sequel. To remind you, I am not familiar with Italian, though I learned it some 20 years ago for few days after I had studied Espanol for 2 years at high school. So I always have to count on the subtitles, I hope they did a decent job for their translation so I could give a proper review and afterthought.I recognized Rauol Bova from "Under the Tuscan Sun" who co-starred with Diane Lane, one of my fav actresses since she was very young, but it was my first time to see Michela Quattrociocch, who had a very charming aura f…

Alex, who fell in love with Niki when we last saw him, decides he cannot be without her and gets the nerve to propose. Niki, now back studying at the university is not completely sure about how things are going to work out between her and Alex, but decides to give it a chance. The lovers soon move in together. The thing now is to introduce Niki and her family to his parents, who are clearly aristocrats, in sharp contrast with Niki's more down to earth folks.At the same time, Alex's three best friends begin experiencing crises of their own, ending in painful separations. Niki, meets an intense young man, Guido, who likes her. For a while, Niki gets confused about the commitment she is about to go through, getting cold feet at the prospect of making the wrong decision. Even though she had a solid thing going with Alex, she gives Guido a chance with serious consequences.Another Italian 'romcom' from director Federico Moccia, who gave us the 2008 "Sorry, If I Call…


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