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Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy
Actors: Rick Moranis , Eve Gordon , Bug Hall , Robin Bartlett , Stuart Pankin , Allison Mack , Jake Richardson , JoJo Adams , Bryson Aust , Theodore Borders , Carlease Burke , Laura Dunn , Robert Harvey , Mila Kunis , Erica Luttrell
Director: Dean Cundey
Country: United States
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 (3809 votes)

Wayne Szalinzki a wacky, absent-minded inventor, is back again but only this time he decides to use his infamous shrink machine just one more time. After when his wife Diane asks him to get rid of the “Tiki Man” a large tiki sculpture. Wayne refuses to get rid of it so he decides to restart the shrink ray and reduces the Tiki Man to pocket-size. However, after Wayne shrinks the Tiki Man the machine is accidentally activated and Wayne ends up shrinking himself and his brother Gordon! Meanwhile, when Gordon’s wife Patty and Diane were going on a vacation they went back to the house when Patty suddenly realizes she forgot Mitch’s medicine for his potassium deficiency. When they were about to leave, they decide to sneak into the attic and surprise the men, but the shrink ray is activated once again, and the ladies are shrunk as well! So the team must be very brave of disgusting household insects the size of dinosaurs and more in their biggest adventure to get their children’s attention!

Film Review

Yes, talk about bad sequels. Rick Moranis stars in this awful third sequel to the once-funny-and-entertaining "Honey I Shrunk the Kids". The concept basically plays the same way as the first film, but with the adults instead of the kids being shrunk and the inner house instead of the garden as the universe to explore. If you think this sounds interesting, think again. The movie is boring at best, right down an embarrassment at worst.First of all, the continuity of the series has been completely flushed down the toilet. The only remaining actor of the first movie is apparently Rick Moranis. The actress playing his wife has changed, the actors playing the kids have changed, the ones playing the neighbors have changed… you name it. They try to make us believe this is the same family, but the results are puzzling to say the least.Second, the story is a rehash of the first one, with not one bit of originality. All the few jokes (and there’s barely any) and the dangerous situat…

After the Disney channel repeatedly played this movie, I finally watched it. (Of course I wouldn’t waste my money on it) It was full of stupid inventions, that could’ve been thought up by a 5 year-old. Half of the inventions, are so unrealistic it’s scary. The one that plays Jenny is very immature for her age, in the movie. Every time she says Ricki’s name, she always yells out "Ricky King!" I mean how many Ricky’s are there? Then she is telling someone that they are making a mess, in a high pitched, defensive voice. Then the other girls, try to act mature, they pretend that the Ginger-ale is champane. It’s really stupid, how everything is not to scale at all. Like sometimes, their bodies will be the size of a button, then they’ll fill up a race car. Another thing is that when he uses the Gum wrapper, that sounds like tinfoil, which is shouldn’t. Overall this movie does not deserve to have a price tag on it.

Awesome film , cool , funny , different and imaginative . This is a sequel to the first film which is just as good . Only in the first the children get shrinked and here its the parents themselves ! The characters have acted out their part really well and thumps up for this film . You can watch it innumerable times . Being so old now the movie still hasn’t lost its comedy as people still rent it from shops . The crew has done a very good job and its the special effects that has mad the film totally cool . In fact I would give it 12 on 10 rating . The should make a 3rd part to it . Introducing new characters was a terrific idea as you don’t get bugged up seeing the same faces every time. I just can’t explain anything more you gotta see this film rent a video , go and order a special , make the people show it again in the theaters do whatever you want but watch it !


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