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Genres: Romance , Action
Actors: Louis Turenne , Ray Spruell , Ben Masters , Paul Benedict , Ji-Tu Cumbuka , Roy Poole , Lillian Hayman , Ken Norton , Brenda Sykes , Richard Ward , Perry King , Susan George , James Mason , Duane Allen , Earl Maynard
Director: Richard Fleischer
Country: United States
Year: 1975
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (1541 votes)

Slave owner Warren Maxwell insists that his son, Hammond, who is busy bedding the slaves he buys, marry a white woman and father him a son. While in New Orleans, he picks up a wife, Blanche, a “bed wench,” Ellen, and a Mandingo slave, Mede, whom he trains to be a bare-knuckle fighting champion. Angered that Hammond is spending too much time with his slaves, Blanche beds down Mede.

Film Review

When this movie was released 1975, it was justifiably panned by movie critics; one newspaper headline read "Mandingo. Stinko!".I find it very funny comparing this piece of garbage with "Gone With The Wind". I will give "Mandingo" some credit on its depiction of slavery in the South: I'm not certain if it was accurate but just like I feel about the movie overall, it was demeaning and exploitive. The production certainly is credible. Dino De Laurentiis has always put the money where his mouth is. But I wondered if he ever read the book or the screenplay. "Mandingo" will always be a reminder of how not to make a potboiler (literally and figuratively).Update (May 30, 2007): Instead of watching this trash, consider Alex Haley's 1977 classic miniseries Roots, which as of this post has finally been released on DVD. At the risk of comparing two very different projects, the depiction of slavery in Roots was more based in reality without wallowing…

When it was first released, Mandingo was promoted as the one movie willing to tell the truth about American slavery. It features graphic depictions of every horror that slavery inflicted upon African Americans, ranging from brutal punishments to rape. In many respects, it is an antidote to the benign depictions of slavery in films such as Gone with the Wind and Birth of a Nation.It is also just as gross a distortion of slavery as they were.First of all, missing from the film is the most fundamental aspect of the slave experience: labor. Slaves were first and foremost used as workers. Based on this film, one would get the impression that slaves served no other purpose than to be beaten by or have sex with their masters and mistresses.More damning, despite the film's appeal to an African-American audience, Mandingo strips its black characters of all dignity. Yes, black slaves were subject to horrific abuses. However, they were also able to maintain their own religious practices, an…

Mandingo seems to divide it's audience strongly between love and hate and that's not really surprising; the film features some real nasty elements and the way that it's all done with a highly quality 'period drama' sort of style means that it will likely miss it's supposed intended audience – although it seems to have found a good fan base among exploitation fans. The film is liable to shock modern audience for its racial themes and strong racial tone; it didn't bother me all that much to be honest as it suits the film within it's context and helps to enforce its exploitative nature, which in turn makes Mandingo more powerful. The film takes place in the south of America during the 1840's and the main focus of the plot is on slavery. White farm owner Hammond Maxwell one day discovers the fighting talent of one of his black slaves and soon decides to toughen him up for battle with other slaves. He's sympathetic with his slaves and soon becomes af…


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